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Solar Energy Partners Warranty

You’ve invested in your solar panel system. Now, it’s time to cross your fingers and hope everything works as it should, right? When you work with Solar Energy Partners, there’s no need for luck—you can feel confident your system will work as it should.

While other top solar companies in South Carolina & Georgia limit what their warranties cover, we are upfront about what your warranty covers, how long it will last and what we will do about broken or defective parts. We’ll handle it all, from ensuring the work is done to assuring your system produces as much as has been promised.

What Does My SunPower Warranty Include?

Your SunPower warranty is separated into two parts: what’s on your roof, and everything else. The warranty covers everything on the roof for 25 years, including solar panels and mounts. Everything not on your roof, like monitoring hardware and storage, is under a 10-year warranty.

How does that compare to other solar contractors? It’s the best warranty in the business. Solar Energy Partners is the only company with a warranty that covers the whole system. It lasts longer, too. The competition doesn’t come close, guaranteeing their products for just ten years, compared to 25.

The industry standard also typically doesn’t include labor and shipping. Other solar contractors will likely require you to pay a testing fee. That’s something you won’t have to do with Solar Energy Partners.

A beautiful california home with solar pannels installed by the top solar companies in South Carolina & Georgia.
Solar Energy Partners is an Elite SunPower dealer with complete confidence warranty.

SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty

Every part of your SunPower Equinox® system is designed and backed by one company.
It’s the best warranty you may never have to use.
Solar Energy Partners has a complete confidence warranty to ensure you satisfaction.
Solar Energy Partners.

One Company

Solar Energy Partners stands behind your entire system.

Solar Energy Partners has the easiest installation process.

Easy Process

No receipts, no hassle.

Solar Energy Partners's products give you more power over time.

More Power Over Time

Panels warrantied at an industry-best 92% power in year 25.

Solar Energy Partners provides an AC system warranty for your comfort.

AC System Warranty

First and only AC system-wide warranty, which includes solar panels and microinverters.

Solar Energy Partners makes sure to always provide a comprehensive product.

Comprehensive Product and Power Coverage

25 years for everything on your roof (including panels, microinverters and mounting).
10 years for everything not on your roof (including monitoring hardware and storage).

Solar Energy Partners warranty is far above our competitors.

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Get peace of mind with the only home solar warranty to cover your whole system so you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.
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You Don’t Need to Stress

Life happens. You may lose your written warranty. A toddler might get finger paint over it. Maybe the dog ate it along with the homework. That doesn’t mean the warranty is void just because you don’t have it in your hand. You aren’t required to hoard recipes or written claims. You also don’t have to register your system. And, even if an affiliated installer goes out of business, we will still honor the labor warranty.

If you need to use your warranty, you won’t need to worry about who will show up to do the work. If something happens, one of our certified installation contractors will fix your system. Our experts know what to look for to diagnose any issue with your panels and will handle everything carefully.

A beautiful california home with solar pannels installed by the top solar companies in South Carolina & Georgia.

Power Output Protection

Solar contractors can provide you with systems that will make you more energy independent, lower your electric bills and begin your investment in a greener home. But after everything is plugged in and your system gets to work, how long can you expect the panels to perform at their peak?

The SunPower solar panels installed by Solar Energy Partners are covered under a complete confidence warranty. Not only does that cover if something breaks, but it also guarantees that your system will perform above benchmarks for the entire 25-year warranty.

The panels will still perform at 92% even after 25 years. That’s better than other companies in the business. But what if your system isn’t reaching that threshold? The warranty covers that, too.

Under warranty, your system is guaranteed to produce 98% of its output at the end of its first year, with no more than a .25% degradation each year until year 25.

The warranty goes beyond whether the panels work or not. The productivity claims aren’t merely claims, either. If the system isn’t working to its peak, the warranty will kick in to get it where it needs to be. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more!

A beautiful california home with solar pannels installed by the top solar companies in South Carolina & Georgia.

Complete System Warranty

Every part of your SunPower® Equinox™ system is backed by one company. That way you never have to wonder which company you can depend on.

One company

The only company that stands behind your entire system, backed by more than $172M in long-term warranty reserves. 1,2

Easy process

No need for receipts, proof of purchase or written claims.

Most comprehensive coverage

25 years--system on your roof; 10 years--monitoring technology.

Product and power

Full coverage for quality of product and solar power produced.

Highest warranted power production

With a 0.25% degradation rate (lowest in the industry), you can be confident that your SunPower® system will produce more than any other system--now and for many years to come.

Industry-first AC power warranty

We've raised the bar again with the industry's first AC system level power warranty.

1 SunPower Long Term Warranty Accrual as of 2016
2 SunPower Quarterly Report, filed 2, Nov 2017.

Solar Energy Partners is proud to be the best solar company near you in South Carolina & Georgia.

Conventional System

Each part is made and warranted by a different manufacturer.

Solar Energy Partners is the top solar panel company in South Carolina & Georgia that offers a comprehensive solar warranty.

SunPower® Equinox™ System

One company covers everything.*Smartphone and laptop not included

Solar Energy Partners is the best solar contractor company near you in South Carolina & Georgia.

Complete Service Warranty

If you experience issues with your system within 25 years of purchase, SunPower will send a SunPower-certified installation contractor to fix the issue — hassle free.

Ways to reach

Our solar company in South Carolina & Georgia means a SunPower-certified installation contractor is right in your neighborhood. And we're always just a call away at 1-800-SUNPOWER.

Labor, shipping, parts — it's all included

If a panel needs to be replaced, SunPower makes it easy.

Pitfalls of conventional solar warranties:
  • You pay to ship new panels
  • You pay to package and ship defective panels
  • You must present original physical proof of purchase
  • You must make claims in writing
  • You have a short time frame to make a claim
  • You pay the manufacturer a testing fee if they don't find a defect

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Industry-leading Complete System Warranty

The only solar warranty to cover your complete system for 25 years (10 years for monitoring hardware) — including performance, labor and parts. We have absolute confidence in our panels’ ability to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time.

Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Panel warranty term
25-year power decline
Conventional Warranties
12 years
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
25 years
Conventional Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
10 years
25-year power decline
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
Complete system
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
25 years
25-year power decline

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