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Getting Started

SunPower Providers in SC & GA

So you want to switch to solar. Congratulations! Solar power is the most eco-friendly renewable energy source on the planet. When you switch to solar, you’re not only helping the environment — you’re helping your wallet, too! In addition to reducing your energy bills, there are many federal, state and local incentives making residential solar installation more affordable.

As solar providers in SC & GA, we’re more than happy to help you get started on your solar journey. Here, we’ve broken down our process so you know what to expect when you work with Solar Energy Partners. Contact us today to get started!

Solar Energy Partners residential solar installation options.

Residential Solar Power in SC & GA

The cost of solar panels can be greatly reduced with federal and local tax breaks and rebates. Currently, there is a there is a 30% ITC Federal tax credit for residential or commercial solar projects. South Carolina also offers an additional 25% State tax credit of up to $35,000 for residential or commercial solar installations. Commercial or homeowners with taxable income qualify for these credits. Commercial solar projects also qualify for depreciation or MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System).

Current GA Tax Credits For Homeowners
Solar Energy Partners Commercial solar installation options.

Commercial Solar Power in SC & GA

Thanks to incentives and rebates available on both the federal and state level, solar panel installation doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive to any sized business. Businesses who lease or own the building can take advantage of these tax credits. In South Carolina you qualify for the Federal ITC solar investment tax credit, the accelerated State and Federal bonus depreciation, and the South Carolina Solar State tax credits. These can result in approximately 75% of your investment cost being paid for via tax credits.

Current GA Tax Credits For Commercial

Go Solar & Get Up to $1500 Back

Limited time offer. Backed by personal customer service and the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

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As your top SunPower providers in SC & GA, we’re more than happy to help you get started on your solar journey.
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Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Although solar power seems like a great option for everybody, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, if your home or business is shaded by a lot of trees or neighboring buildings, solar may not be the right fit.

At Solar Energy Partners, the first thing we ask for is your contact information and recent utility bills. Establishing your energy consumption is extremely important before moving forward. Once we have this basic information, we’ll set up a consultation either online or in-person. We’ll answer any questions or concerns you may have, and provide information about solar tax incentives available to you

The consultation process also includes going over an initial, virtual design of a solar system for customized specifically for your home or business. We use technology to create accurate designs that provide in-depth analysis of how much energy you can expect solar panels to produce based on the building and the surrounding environment. 

Next, we’ll make an appointment for a site survey. Our experienced technicians visit your home or business to inspect the roof and attic, taking into account structural data, existing electrical equipment and battery placement if applicable. We also offer drone service if satellite imagery is not available

Once we’ve determined the best solar solution for your home or business, the real fun begins!

Making Your Sweet Solar Dreams Come True

Now that we have all the information needed, our in-house design and engineering team reviews site survey details and uses them to design a full plan for your solar system. 

When you’re looking for solar companies in SC & GA, you want the best, which is why all of our engineers are licensed in all 50 states. The design for your home will get stamps of approval from both structural engineers and electrical engineers, so you can feel confident your solar plan is the best it can be.

Once we’ve approved the design, it’s time for a very important part — your approval! We’ll be sure to answer any questions before you give your final approval to the solar solution design.

Things are getting exciting, but there’s still a couple more boxes to check before installation! We work with your utility company to ensure that utility requirements and any programs or policies align with the proposed solar system for your home. The utility company will then provide us with a Notice to Proceed.

Finally, Solar Energy Partners works with local authorities to ensure all fire, electrical and structural safety codes are met before work can begin. After that final approval, the permit and plan will be delivered to your home or business before installation begins. 

Solar Energy Partners is a leading solar provider in SC & GA.
Solar Energy Partners solar panel.

The Final Countdown

At last, installation can begin! Our licensed electricians, certified installation technicians and the materials for your solar system arrive at your home or business at a time convenient for you. Installation varies, but typically takes 2–3 days.

After installation is complete, we’ll get inspection and approval from the local authorities and work with the utility company to make sure a technician also inspects the system and installs a bi-directional meter to keep track of how much electricity your solar system transfers to the electrical grid.

A Solar Energy Partners technician will initiate system performance checks to ensure your system meets the standards necessary for our 25-year complete performance warranty. Our technician will also set up communication with your internet service to monitor your system, and show you how to monitor it via both our app and your computer.

Our quality assurance team will follow up with you and audit all of the work, monitoring, system performance and your experience to ensure our standards for service and experience were met. 

A large house with a white fence with solar panels installed.

Swoosh. You Have Solar!

Investing in a solar system is one of the best things you can do for your home or business value, your wallet, and the environment. As you can see from our process, it can be quite complex from start to finish, which is why you want the best to make it smooth and easy. 

Contact us today to get started on your solar journey. We look forward to working with you!

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