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A beautiful home with solar - thanks to Solar Energy Partners who offers community solar in South Carolina & Georgia.

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Community Solar in South Carolina & Georgia

Our community solar initiative allows multiple individuals or organizations to share the benefits of a single solar power project. These programs enable people who are unable to install solar panels on their own properties to access clean and renewable energy. In a community solar project, a large-scale solar array is installed in a suitable location. The electricity generated by this solar installation is then distributed to multiple participants who subscribe to the project.

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Solar panels are optimally installed in efficient arrays to best capture sunlight.


The energy from the solar projects generate electricity and feed it into the local power grid.


Energy credits are applied to participants' electricity bills, reducing their overall costs.

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Solar Energy Partners Goshen 1
Slots Available
Goshen, NY
Array 1
Utilities: Orange & Rockland
Solar Energy Partners Amsterdam
Slots Available
Amsterdam, NY
Utilities: National Grid
Solar Energy Partners Conklin
Slots Available
Conklin, NY
Utilities: NYSEG
Solar Energy Partners Goshen 2
Slots Available
Goshen, NY
Array 2
Utilities: Orange & Rockland
Solar Energy Partners Johnson City
Slots Available
Johnson City, NY
Utilities: NYSEG

Community Solar FAQs

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) supports a range of initiatives, one of which includes community solar programs:

1. Residents: Most New York residents can join a community solar project. Typically, this includes homeowners, renters, and virtually anyone who pays an electricity bill, including those in apartments or condos.

2. Businesses: Local businesses can participate in community solar, which can be an attractive option for companies aiming to reduce their carbon footprint or to stabilize and potentially reduce their energy costs.

3. Municipalities: Local government entities, schools, and other public organizations can participate. This can help them to achieve sustainability goals and reduce public expenses.

4. Renters: Even if you don't own your home or property, as long as you have an electricity bill in your name, you can typically participate in a community solar program.

5. Others: There can be options for non-profits, faith-based organizations, and other community entities that participate.

Joining a community solar project doesn't mean you have solar panels installed on your property. Instead, you "subscribe" to a portion of the energy produced by a local solar array.

In New York, the community solar model operates under a system where subscribers can be anywhere within the same utility territory as the community solar project. This offers a significant advantage as it allows for greater flexibility and accessibility. Here's a more detailed breakdown:

1. Utility Territory: As long as a customer is within the same utility territory as the community solar installation, they can subscribe to that project. This is especially beneficial in more urban settings or areas where individual solar installations might not be feasible due to space, shading, or ownership constraints (like apartments or rented homes).

2. Bill Crediting: Once you're a subscriber to a community solar project, you receive credits on your utility bill based on your share of the electricity produced by the solar array. These credits can offset or reduce your monthly electricity charges.

3. Expanding Access: This model allows for broader access to solar benefits. By not being restricted to immediate geographic proximity, more residents and businesses can tap into the environmental and potential financial benefits of solar power, even if they are some distance away from the actual solar farm.

4. Supporting Renewable Growth: By opening up the subscription to anyone within the utility territory, these community solar projects can quickly gain the subscriber base they need to become financially viable, encouraging the development of more projects.

Yes! Here's an explanation emphasizing why community solar sites partnered with Solar Energy Partners (or similar entities) tend to fill up quickly:

1. Strong Partnerships: Collaboration with Solar Energy Partners or comparable firms often ensures a seamless process from design to subscriber acquisition. This efficiency can generate significant interest from potential subscribers, making slots fill up faster.

2. Expert Marketing and Outreach: Partnerships with experienced solar energy entities often bring with them advanced marketing strategies and comprehensive outreach campaigns. These efforts effectively raise awareness and drive demand for the available slots.

3. Financial Benefits: When projects are backed by reputable solar partners, they often come with attractive financial incentives, clear savings projections, and transparency. This can instill confidence in potential subscribers, leading to rapid sign-ups.

4. Credibility and Trust: Established solar energy partners have a reputation for successfully executing projects and maintaining high levels of customer service. Their involvement can lend credibility to a community solar initiative, making residents more eager to participate.

5. Education and Workshops: Experienced solar partners often conduct informational sessions, workshops, and community meetings to educate the public about the benefits of community solar. This educative approach can demystify the process for many, encouraging quicker sign-ups.

6. Flexible Contract Terms: With the experience of managing various projects, seasoned solar energy partners understand the importance of flexibility. Offering short-term contracts or user-friendly opt-out options can make participation more appealing, leading to faster slot fill-ups.

7. Holistic Solutions: Solar Energy Partners and similar firms often provide end-to-end solutions, from project conception to subscriber management. This comprehensive approach ensures that potential issues are addressed preemptively, offering a smooth experience for subscribers.In summary, community solar projects backed by adept solar energy partners offer a combination of trust, transparency, financial benefits, and education. This mix can be very attractive to potential subscribers, leading to rapid filling of available slots.

Amidst the drive for sustainable energy and notable utility savings, Solar Energy Partners' community solar slots are in high demand. While businesses lean toward long-term commitments, residential subscribers have the freedom to unsubscribe with just 30 days' notice.

Absolutely! Subscribers can see up to 15% in monthly savings. Plus, with membership come added perks such as gift cards and exclusive SEP community offers, granting discounts at popular service, retail, and hospitality locations.

Yes! By signing up for the community solar program, you'll receive credits that can reduce your monthly electricity charges by up to 15%.

Absolutely! Solar Energy Partners is on the lookout for partnerships, ranging from large corporations and manufacturing facilities to small businesses. Our goal is to promote sustainable energy solutions and provide cost savings. We're always ready to team up with forward-thinking corporate partners.