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SunPower Installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC

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Our Products

SunPower Installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC

Solar power is an investment, so naturally you want to know you’re getting the best. To make it easy on you, the best is exactly what we offer at Solar Energy Partners.

As exclusive SunPower installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC, we carry the latest and greatest in solar technology. SunPower solar panels not only produce more power, they produce more power for longer than any other solar panels on the market. While other solar panels lose about 20% of energy production after 25 years, SunPower solar panels only lose 8%. These panels are rigorously tested to ensure your system will be reliable for years to come.

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Solar Energy Partners Charleston residential solar installation options.

Residential Solar Power in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant

The cost of solar panels can be greatly reduced with federal and local tax breaks and rebates. Currently, there is a there is a 30% ITC Federal tax credit for residential or commercial solar projects. South Carolina also offers an additional 25% State tax credit of up to $35,000 for residential or commercial solar installations. Commercial or homeowners with taxable income qualify for these credits.

Potential Tax Credits For Homeowners
Solar Energy Partners Charleston Commercial solar installation options.

Commercial Solar Power in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant

Thanks to incentives and rebates available on both the federal and state level, solar panel installation doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive to any sized business. Businesses who lease or own the building can take advantage of these tax credits. In South Carolina you qualify for the Federal ITC solar investment tax credit, the accelerated State and Federal bonus depreciation, and the South Carolina Solar State tax credits. These can result in approximately 75% of your investment cost being paid for via tax credits.

Potential Tax Credits For Commercial

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As your top SunPower providers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, we’re more than happy to help you get started on your solar journey.

Types of Solar Panels

Are you curious about which solar panels are the ideal choice for your residential solar panel installation? There are many options to choose from. Our team here in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant will work closely with you to decide which kind of solar panels are best for your home or business based on your design and energy needs. Here’s a breakdown of two main types of solar panels to get you started.

A white house with front contact panels on the roof, provided by SunPower installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Front Contact Panels

The official name for front contact panels is Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact, but that’s a bit of a mouthful, so we shorten it to PERC. PERC panels are similar to conventional panels, but with an important difference: they contain an extra layer within the back side of the panel, which allows some sunlight to be reflected back into the solar cell. We’re sure these kinds of panels will PERC you right up!

Back Contact Panels

The mouthful term for these panels is Interdigitated Back Contact, or IBC. These panels are highly durable due to a thick layer of tin-plated copper on the back that holds the cell together. IBC panels are also high-efficiency, generating more energy due to the ability to use a wider range of light from the light spectrum to generate energy. While we don’t have a clever joke for IBC, we’re sure these panels will still go a long way to lighting up your life.

Solar Energy Partners Charleston SunPower installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC a women gardening outside by her new solar panels.
Solar Energy Partners Charleston solar panel.

Backup Power

As the world increasingly turns to renewable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels, solar power has emerged as a prominent player in the transition to a sustainable energy future. However, harnessing the sun's energy during daylight hours is only part of the equation. To truly maximize the benefits of solar energy, the ability to store excess energy for later use is essential. This is where solar battery storage comes into play.

As exclusive SunPower installers in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC, we not only are authorized to provide you with the best solar panels in the business — we can also provide you with power storage solutions, like the like the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Battery for storing solar energy.

In addition to ensuring you’ll be able to keep your power on during a storm or a blackout, you can store your own solar-generated energy to use during peak energy usage times. Backup Storage also enables you to set your power preferences and monitor your system operation so you can easily transfer from grid power to battery power and back.

Like with the solar panels, battery storage comes with various options, such as battery size and amount of backup needed. As with your solar panels, we’ll work with you to understand your energy needs and help you choose the right battery. Because we’ve got your back, while SunPwer has your backup.

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