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Solar Panel Companies in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC

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The Science Behind Solar Power

Modern solar panels generate energy through photovoltaics, a renewable method that uses solar radiation to produce electricity. Each panel is made up of multiple solar cells. These small cells contain two layers of semiconducting silicon -- one negatively charged layer, and one positively charged layer. When sunlight strikes the cells, electrons are knocked loose and drawn into an electrical current. This electrical current is what generates power in a solar panel system.

Before the power generated by a solar system can be used in a home or commercial building, it must be converted into an alternating current (AC). Solar panel systems are connected to an inverter that converts direct current (DC) into AC. This current is then fed into your home, powering your lights and all other electrical appliances. Solar Energy Partners is one of the only solar panel companies in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC that uses microinverters, enhancing the efficiency and energy production of each solar panel.

Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of solar panel choices? Rest assured, the professionals at Solar Energy Partners are here to guide you through every phase of the journey. Learn how to get started with your solar adventure and exactly what solar power has to offer you.

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How Solar Panels Save You Money

The cost of energy has steadily risen in the past decade and this trend will only continue. If your home or business is reliant on the electrical grid, you are locked into these rising costs. Going solar can mean big savings, with either a substantial reduction in or complete elimination of electricity bills.

A grey house at dusk with lighting generating power from their solar panels.

How Much Will I Save?

There are a few factors that affect the amount of money you can save by installing a solar panel system, but the difference will always be substantial. By installing solar panels on your home or business, you can reduce costs and become energy independent. Solar power is natural, renewable and abundantly available. Solar Energy Partners is the Charleston / Mt. Pleasant solar panel company that can help you take advantage of this reliable power source.

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Future Trends

As solar energy gains popularity, modern technology has sought new materials to increase efficiency and energy production. As more commercial and industrial operations are utilizing the sun's power to power their business, changes in technology have sought to create panels that can handle the increased demand for energy through new and exciting innovations!

Solar Energy Partners is the solution to all your solar panel needs. Give us a call today and learn why our comprehensive installation process will have your home or business harnessing the power of the sun in no time!

Empowering Your Energy Independence

Go solar and enjoy the support of dedicated customer service along with the industry's most comprehensive warranty.

Learn How to Get Started

As your top solar solar power provider in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC, we’re more than happy to help you get started on your solar journey.
Bifacial solar panels installed on a commercial apartment building by professionals at Solar Energy Partners in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Bifacial Panels

While monofacial solar panels are excellent for homes, bifacial panels have been introduced in commercial businesses, requiring more power.

Bifacial panels can be installed vertically to absorb light on both sides, generating over 11% more energy on average. Combined with other technology, such as solar tracking systems, bifacial panels can generate up to 27% more power to support commercial and heavy utility operations.

Their vertical installation leaves them less susceptible to damage or blackouts during extreme weather like snow.

Bifacial panels can be used residentially for homes that want to generate and store additional power. They can be vertically installed or used on awnings or as a roof for open structures to capture reflected sunlight.

A commercial building with solar installed on the flat surface which is needed for solar tracking systems installed by Solar Energy Partners in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC.

Solar Tracking Systems

Active single and dual-axis solar tracking systems move their angle throughout the day to follow the sun and increase energy production. Solar panels with these tracking systems can only be installed on flat, dry surfaces due to the flexibility needed to adjust their angle.

A single-axis tracking system follows the sun from east to west, while a dual-axis tracking system also tracks the sun's movements from north to south. Solar tracking systems can generate up to 47% more power by utilizing algorithms to adjust the angle.

While they may higher installation costs from solar power companies these systems produce substantially more energy without increasing the number of panels needed. This makes them an exciting choice for home and business owners who seek to increase their energy production.

An image of a home showing battery and storage unti in garage - installed by the best solar panel companies in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC; Solar Energy Partners.

Integrated Solar Solutions

In the past, a central power source was located far away from consumers. It would flow out to power homes and businesses. Today, the advancements in solar energy have allowed consumers to generate the power they need onsite. To assist with energy storage and purchase, technological advances have created a safe, two-way energy flow.

Excess energy can be sold back to power companies on the grid, making solar panels an even more financially worthwhile investment. Thermal batteries have also advanced to store more energy for days that may lack the sunlight needed to power your home or business.

If you desire cutting-edge solar technology in an all-in-one solution, reach out to us now. Solar Energy Partners is prepared and available to assist you with your solar power needs!

Industry-leading Complete System Warranty

The only solar warranty to cover your complete system for 25 years (10 years for monitoring hardware) — including performance, labor and parts. We have absolute confidence in our panels’ ability to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time.

Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Panel warranty term
25-year power decline
Conventional Warranties
12 years
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
25 years
Conventional Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
10 years
25-year power decline
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
Complete system
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
25 years
25-year power decline

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