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Maximizing Benefits Your Guide to Solar Panels

Nothing beats a lazy, sunny day at the beach. But, while you’re out splashing through the water, crafting sandcastles and keeping an eye out for dolphins, your home solar panel system could be hard at work capturing electricity.

There are many advantages to investing in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant energy services. The benefits on your bill alone may be the first to come to mind. Still, there are also positive impacts on your environmental footprint and ability to plan for emergencies. Read more about these benefits and how to get started.

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Save on Bills in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant with Solar

There’s no firm answer on how much money you can save by investing in solar Charleston / Mt. Pleasant energy services. However, installing solar can immediately help you cut down on your electric bill.

The amount of energy your home can produce varies. If you live on a large piece of land, you can install extra ground-mounted solar panels to power your system. If not, then your solar output will solely rely on the size of your roof and how it is oriented. As one of the top energy companies in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC, Solar Energy Partners can explain your options and help you better understand what kind of power your home solar system will produce.

The type of system you invest in will also contribute to power production. Most homes have a hybrid system, which means they are still connected to the grid but can pull from a battery. If you live on a small piece of land in an urban area, then you likely won’t be able to be entirely off the grid and still meet your energy needs.

When deciding which system will work best for your home, you should first determine how much electricity you currently use. Take a look at your most recent bill. That will tell you what your system will need to produce to meet your needs if you disconnect from the grid.

If you stay connected to the grid, a battery system will store the power your panels generate during the day so that you can use it at night and during blackouts. Those batteries can also lower your electric costs throughout the day. This is because utility companies can charge higher prices during “peak” times. Instead of dealing with the extra cost, your system will draw from the batteries during that time.

What you can save today is only going to increase. Your wallet has probably noticed how much your bill has grown over the last few years. In 2022 alone, nationwide energy costs increased at a rate that was double inflation. Meanwhile, investing in solar is more affordable than ever, with the average system cost dropping by 35% within the last five years.

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Security During Emergencies

Utilities are costing more and more, and storms are getting stronger and stronger. Hurricanes come hand-in-hand with power outages. In an emergency, dealing with the stress of food in your refrigerator going bad or dangerous levels of heat and humidity is the last thing you want to worry about. Investing in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant energy services can ease your stress during emergencies because you won't have to rely on the grid for power.

Although Charleston / Mt. Pleasant can be in the line of hurricanes and tropical storms, it is also among the nation's sunniest states. And, even when it's cloudy, solar panels still absorb rays and convert that into energy you can use.

When it comes to energy companies in Charleston / Mt. Pleasant, SC, Solar Energy Partners Charleston is the only exclusive Elite SunPower dealer in the area. SunPower systems have the best performance rate over time, producing high amounts of electricity even after two decades — 92% of what it produced on day one. Plus, it's the only system with a warranty that covers everything on your roof and how much energy your system makes for 25 years. SunPower also has a 10-year warranty for the monitoring hardware.

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Other Benefits to Charleston / Mt. Pleasant Energy Services

Investing in solar reduces your home's carbon footprint and contributes to cleaner air and water for your family. It also increases the value of your home since it's considered an upgrade. According to the US Department of Energy, the average-sized solar array increases home value by about $15,000. If you decide to sell your home, you will also likely spend fewer days on the market.

Add value to your home, save on your electric bill, and experience peace of mind in emergencies. Need we say more? Contact us to learn more about potential benefits of solar and get started today!

Industry-leading Complete System Warranty

The only solar warranty to cover your complete system for 25 years (10 years for monitoring hardware) — including performance, labor and parts. We have absolute confidence in our panels’ ability to deliver more energy, reliability and savings over time.

Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Panel warranty term
25-year power decline
Conventional Warranties
12 years
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
25 years
Conventional Warranty Coverage
Complete System
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
10 years
25-year power decline
SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty
Complete system
Removal of defective part
Installation of new part
Product warranty term
25 years
25-year power decline

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